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Why Users Play Skate 3 Today?


This game is a popular extreme sports game for the Xbox 360 console. Skate 3 game is the third one in this series of games, following the second one. It was released in 2010. 

It is a realistic skateboarding videogame, which is played from a third-person perspective. Skate 3 free play game is a skateboarding simulation videogame for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.


When gamers play Skate 3, they control skateboarder, which they can customize in terms of their appearance, by using controller, which they can change to suit their own personal preference. 

In Skate 3 unblocked game player may choose from a variety of skateboards, outfits, trucks, wheels, and many other customizable parts. Gamer can skateboard on a variety of surfaces, such as a street, a skatepark, a pool, and a half pipe.

After Skate 3 download on PC free player may explore the city freely. It offers various obstacles that player may skate, grind, and ollies over, such as benches, rails, obstacles, and stairs. Player may also perform tricks on various objects, such as rails, benches, walls, and ramps.

The features of this videogame are:

  • It has game-engine with enhanced gameplay graphics;
  • It is the only game in the series with an online multiplayer mode;
  • It has an internal radio station that contains 50 songs;
  • It may be played in 4 different modes;
  • It has the best graphics among series;

To use these and many other features, you only need Skate 3 on PC download free. Free mode is where the player may skate in the city. Party Mode is where the player can play various different mini-games.


The graphics are very realistic in Skate 3, showing off the game's high-definition technology. The game's graphics are of high quality, with detailed textures and lighting effects. The objects are detailed. The camera angles are well chosen.


After Skate 3 free download on PC controls in it are very simple, with the analog sticks being used to move the player around. The A button is used for tricks, while the B button is used for grinding. The player can also use the triggers to break.


The game has a high replay value, with options for single-player, two-player, and multiplayer. So, Skate 3 free downloads and waits for you to play it.


  • I got a copy of the game from a friend, so why is it saying the copy is from the wrong region?
    The videogame will check the region of the Xbox to verify it so you will need to change the region settings of the console to play it.
    Go to the 'System' tab, then 'Console Settings'
    Go to 'Games', then 'Game Region'.
    Change the 'Region' to 'USA'
  • Where can I play it?
    You may download Skate 3 on PC, Xbox, PlayStation.
  • How do I get a Pro Perk?
    You can get a Pro Perk by winning a competition or by purchasing a pro perk from the pro shop.
  • Is there a limit to how many times I can play demo?
    No, there is no limit.
  • Will demo save my progress?
    No, it will not. You'll have to have your save from the full one for it to pick up from where you left off.


Overall, it is a great game with many different modes and objectives. This one is definitely worth the purchase, with its high replayability and high-quality graphics, it is a videogame that will be played for many years.

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